Ten past eight.
Quarter past nine.
Ten twenty. 
Photo: Jumping poles for horses, New Zealand

the river and me

Nile, Rhine, Yangtze, Waingawa, Tongariro, Mississippi, Thames. There are many rivers that stay with me.
And crossing a wide one is like an extra birthday. 
Photo: Algiers Ferry crossing the Mississippi River at New Orleans

blue stars

... And stars hang like pretty teenagers
waiting for their chance
Photo: Hydrangea, The Wairarapa, New Zealand
Text: excerpt of my poem 'The Great Rann'

fly, fly

Last night, we looked at fields of stars from our field of grass.
 Two satellites were seen. One shooting star. New wind,
after hot stillness. And the sprinklers ran overnight
on the neighbouring pastures.
Photo: Sculpture at entrance of a swimming pool, China