arrow counting

With the arrow pointing left,
do you read one three two,
or two three one?
Photo: Door, Shamshuipo, Hong Kong

the road where we live

There is a gun club on the road where we live. 
The entrance has two puddles. Sky reflected.
Most of the time, sheep roam around
the unused targets.
Photo: Along Norfolk Road, Carterton, New Zealand

I've just been born

Don't bother me.
I've just 
been born.
Photo: Car cover, Hong Kong
Text: The opening of One or Two Things, by Mary Oliver

wet darkness

We went for a walk the other day and found 
a bench to deeply see this wet darkness.
Photo: Swamp at Fensham Reserve, Carterton, New Zealand


I grew up with cattails in one hemisphere, 
and here they are again, in another.
Photo: Cattails, Carterton, New Zealand