I want to enclose and be enclosed.
Photo: A room in New Pacific Studio
near Masterton, New Zealand

a poem to give

Wait until this moody weather 
is over / That’s all that matters...
Photo: Lotus in car, at a festival, Hong Kong. For P.K. 
Text: From "A poem to give to a bitter melon," by Leung Ping Kwan (1949-2013)

dry hot dry

A dry time.  Grass is yellowing,  
wisteria leaves falling. We woke up this morning  
and saw a double rainbow,  
but only spits of hot rain.  
I once called summer a giant snail.  
Photo: City bench, Napier, New Zealand

The Pacific

We walked to the log-seat,
and then a bit onward, eastward, 
to the sea, the same large sea 
we once walked westward to,
how many years ago.
Photo: The Pacific, Napier, New Zealand
and remembering Moss Beach, California