soon soon

Soon soon, two
friends I love
will be with me.
It's like waiting
for the moon.
Photo: Streetlit tree, Hong Kong


For me, this is a time to say hello to everyone, everything, as one year ends, and another begins. A time to honor life, beauty, tenderness, justice. A time to be warm. 

It's summertime here. The sun presides. And in my study, the word 'warmth' stays above the desk. A friend drew the Chinese characters for me as a gift. Thank you. Always.
Photo: A wintertime fire in the living room, New Zealand

handmade rooms

I found these doors the other day 
and would love to enter the rooms.
Photo: On a sidestreet, Masterton, New Zealand

that time of

It's getting to be the time of the year
when we look for clarity 
on what has been. I think of
Rilke who said, Live the questions.
Photo: Construction site, Carterton, New Zealand