Wing and time, flying.
Photo: At Wellington airport, New Zealand
(A good friend just visited and I would 
have liked her to stay longer.)


In a few days, it's a national holiday here in New Zealand, when people honor those who died in the world wars, but I would like to honor those who work to end wars, large and small, who work to prevent them, and I think of A J Muste who said that there is no way to peace - peace is the way. 
Photo: A wreath made for ANZAC Day, Kaipororo, New Zealand

make something

The Chinese word for crisis
includes the word opportunity:
maybe start over and make 
something new.
Photo: An abandoned structure, Wairarapa


Ekehetuna has to be one
of my favo(u)rite words/
names for a town, and here
is an entrance.
Photo: Door and shadow, Ekehetuna, New Zealand