swan line

Swans reach, eat 
as much willow as
their beaks allow.

Photo: Henley Lake,
Wairarapa, New Zealand

a Paris moment

The accordionist had just seen 
us looking and began
to play as if only for us
(and our coins). Thank you.
Photo: On the Metro

thinking of a place

I am thinking of the next 
exhibition, a place 
for the images 
to live for a while.
Photo: My exhibition 'delicate access'
with my home furtniture in the gallery

singing, a healthy thing

I read of a man who gets together 
each week with friends to sing.
He says it is a healthy thing for him, 
and I agree. Brian Eno, please come 
'round here if you like, too.
Photo: Pinecones, Hong Kong

two tongues

A moment ago, our cats
were both cleaning themselves.
Two very busy tongues. 
The sound of tongue on fur is not soft.
Photo: In a museum, Paris