room number nine

This is the door to room number Nine.
A small home on one side of a hallway, 
the shared kitchen and bath at the end. 
Photo: Electricity meter readings by Room 9, 
Shamshuipo, Hong Kong

purple enclosure

This rhododendron tree is about 120 years old, 
and the deep purply space under it feels older.

I stayed there enclosed 
one rainy afternoon.
Photo: At Carrington House, 
Carterton, New Zealand

under the tree

'And over and over I tried to see
Some of us walking under the tree,
And the children playing everywhere,
And how it looks when I am there.'
Photo: Under an 120-year-old camellia tree, New Zealand
Text: An excerpt of the Elizabeth Madox Roberts poem 'On The Hill'
from the book 'Under The Tree', first published in 1922.
My father William Henry Slavick wrote the Afterword.

Hong Kong sidewalk

I love Hong Kong sidewalks. So much life. 
Maybe fruit drying. Medicinal herbs. Or towels. 
And chairs are left out for the viewing.
Photo: Along Marble Road, Northpoint, Hong Kong