Wing and time, flying.
Photo: At Wellington airport, New Zealand
(A good friend just visited and I would 
have liked her to stay longer.)


In a few days, it's a national holiday here in New Zealand, when people honor those who died in the world wars, but I would like to honor those who work to end wars, large and small, who work to prevent them, and I think of A J Muste who said that there is no way to peace - peace is the way. 
Photo: A wreath made for ANZAC Day, Kaipororo, New Zealand

make something

The Chinese word for crisis
includes the word opportunity:
maybe start over and make 
something new.
Photo: An abandoned structure, Wairarapa


Ekehetuna has to be one
of my favo(u)rite words/
names for a town, and here
is an entrance.
Photo: Door and shadow, Ekehetuna, New Zealand

the meeting

Here, lake meets sea.
Photo: At Lake Onoke,
Palliser Bay, New Zealand


How we travel
with the camera
at eye, in hand.
Photo: P. photographing,
Lake Onoke, New Zealand

white light

Some days, the light 
is so bright and white 
that we might disappear into it.
Photo: Home in Masterton, New Zealand

white kiwi

Maybe the bird guards us and trees 
for millions of years.
They stay with the same mate, 
sleep with beak tucked,
make two balls of hair in the daylight.
Photo: The back of a very large kiwi bird
in the town of Ekehetuna, New Zealand
Text: Excerpt from my poem: "Kiwi"


reading images as words
Photo: Lichen on mailbox, Wairarapa, New Zealand

looking at a lily

You know you love something 
when you see it
in yet another way.
Lily and shadow, at J's home, Masterton, New Zealand

plum pot

We plum forgot 
we were making jam
and look how 
pretty mistakes can be.
Photo: Our pot covered in liquid plum


I prefer to dance 
outdoors, and this whole
building and its entrance seem 
to be swaying, dancing.
Photo: A church in Masterton, New Zealand

our own kingdom

'The Kingdom of God Is Within You'
says Luke (17:21), 
says Leo (Tolstoy).
Photo: On an Ekehetuna Street, New Zealand

keeping people in, out

Janet Frame writes of several hospitals, 
with walls and doors and gates and screens, 
keeping people in, and people out, and just yesterday, 
I read her 'Gorse is not People' in which a patient had been expecting to be able to leave when she turned 21.
Photo: An old hospital, Greytown

turn turn turn

All wishes for (y)our new year.
Photo: Painted on a street, New Zealand