eating a film

A Saturday night, and three of us sat, mildly 
swiveling in these chairs, not just with a good film, 
but with a meal, wine, friendship, cider. Thank you.
Photo: With B and R, Regal Cinema, Evesham, England

made for the eye

A friend made this room to see 
in, within, from. 
Photo: K's and R's home, London

dirt diamond

This square of dirt reminds me of the pitcher's diamond, 
when I would aim the ball into the inside corner 
of the batting zone. 
Photo: Victoria Park, Hong Kong

I believe in him

I meet a tall man with kind eyes. I believe in him.
He lives with care. He lives in a room down the hall
from this shower, and single toilet, which he shares with eight people. Yes, somehow, I believe in him.
Photo: Shamshuipo, Hong Kong