the room

Tiny, the room feels more for interrogation than song.
Photo: Karaoke Room, 12 Oil Street, Northpoint, site of the former
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, soon to be the site of the Arts Promotion Office

I love them more

I heard Maurice Sendak the other day,
the author of 'Where the Wild Things Are'.
He said, 'I'm not unhappy. I cry a lot because I miss people.
They leave me and I love them more.'
Photo: Honkawa schoolgrounds, a school in Hirsohima
Text: From an NPR interview with Maurice Sendak, 83, and in remembrance of my Uncle Philip (1929-2011)

make a reason

Make a reason to celebrate.
Photo: Opening of exhibition, Japan
Text: I celebrate xtn's birth and friendship.

tennis desk

I have loved ping pong, table tennis, and we have kept such a table ready in the basement. When I see this one outdoors, my love for sport and for word comes forward:
wouldn't the table make a great big desk?
Photo: Lantau Island